Pastoral Relations

The Pastoral Relations Committee, which is composed of 5 Presbyters with expertise in conflict management skills, has responsibility for:

  • All pastoral difficulties in a congregation reported to Presbytery, other
    than within the report of a regular visitation
  • For receiving and investigating all complaints, verbal or written, and
    undertaking all attempts to resolve the conflict/s without formal process
  • For approaching, on an informal basis, ministers, sessions and
    congregations, when difficulties are perceived to exist within their
    congregation, with a view to offering council and advice

Ministers, sessions and congregations are enabled to approach this Committee informally, through the convenor, with a view to obtaining council and advise in times of conflict or difficulty.

The Committee recommends to Presbytery, what further action, if any, is needed.

The Committee is required to observe the rule of Natural Justice in all its dealings, i.e. all parties have the right to be told what the complaint is; and to be present in person during the proceedings concerning the complaint; to have the opportunity to reply, and there is no bias on the part of the persons hearing the complaint.